Last Full Moon of 2016


I have been obsessed with the moon and it’s magical calling in the last few years, but I don’t know where it comes from.  Perhaps it’s stirring the creative side of me to work on my craft as an actor, to ignite continuous persistence as a creative writer, or to simply share my story of dreams come what may.  When the moon strikes it’s glow, I am always empowered to write about what is present for me that night.  I share much of it on IG, but have plans to write a book, or a script , but have chosen to share a bit of my poetry to uplift and bring back some consistency in writing on my blog here.  So here is a little moonlight vibes to get this blog going and to commemorate April’s National Poetry month:

Full moon vibes

Radiating the night skies

Calling upon all my dreams

And the warrior goddess in me to rise.

I lift up my soul

To the light of the moonbeams

With all my hearts desires

For the universe to manifest my dreams.

The moonlight speaks in its glow

Reflecting shimmers of light

Upon the ocean waters flowing

To give way for love to walk through the night.

My face shines from the moons glory

Igniting my being to my being to continue to create

A life of dreams that is meant to be

My dreams to manifest as fate.

–Myhraliza Aala, 12/13/2016


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