Angels To Give You Wings


There’s this saying that people are placed in your life for a reason…you may only have a  few moments with them, but they can be life changing.  And sometimes, it’s the strangers, more like angels, that see the light in you that you, yourself could not see you possessed.  These angels, give you a new set of wings, to get you back on the right path.  So for this blog, I am thankful to a man named Aguina.

I met him while I was writing in my journal, as I do every morning and I happen to be sharing a table with him and his friend.  He asked me if I was journaling and so the conversation began.  There was an immediate connection, in terms of light and energy, as I explained to him that I am always striving to be better, to live my best life.  I shared with Aguina that I do so by living in gratitude and acknowledging what I am, what I am good at; and only looking at what I can work on to improve, not to fix as if something is wrong with me.  He was intrigued by my story and I was drawn to him because of his empathy and his gratitude in sharing my vulnerability.  I am generally an open book when it comes to my friends, but was so surprised at how open I was with Aguina – he was easy to talk to.

We planned to meet again, as he wanted to do my astrological chart, before he left for the mainland.  A few days later we met for drinks and to talk story.  He mostly asked about me, what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.  I shared with him some of challenges, my aspirations to be an actor – but the fear that goes along with that as well; and about a recent relationship. Aguina told me that his astrological reading couldn’t be exact since my parents and I couldn’t get the exact time of my birth, but overall, he told me that I was extremely intelligent – I was surprised by the word “extremely” because I know I’m smart and work hard, but I wouldn’t call myself a genius.  But he said, that I really was smart and don’t give myself enough credit –true; and that I very much like to be in control.  True again.  So when we began talking about relationships, he told me this. “You are someone that wants to be free and fly; if you can’t allow others to do the same, how can you do it for yourself?”

Mind blown.

He continued to say that this person has been a mirror of issues for me that I need to deal with, otherwise I am going to keep attracting the same kind of relationships in the future.

Mind blown #2.  Shit!

I met Aguina at the right moment.  I was at a place of awareness and openness to change.  Had I met him months before, I probably would have been offended by his candor and truthful observations.  So I knew there was a reason he had crossed my path at that time.  This happened in May 2014.  Since then, I have worked on living in my truth, being honest with who I am and what I stand for; and also doing my best to honor people where they are, without compromising or negotiating my values or needs.  The struggle is very real, but I have to say, Aguina shed a new light on me.  He opened new doors and opened my heart to let love in and to love me more.  Because of this, I am able to fly.



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