Parking Karma

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I don’t know when I discovered that I had this amazing luck with finding parking spots in the most heavily populated events, shopping centers, or places that have barely any spaces for people to park.  But once I lucked out, I started telling myself, “I have great parking karma.”

And so it goes, any time I go out with my friends, I never worry about parking because I know that I will always find a space.  Just the other day, I was meeting a girlfriend at a small café with limited parking and she asked, “Where are you going to park?”

Without missing a beat, I respond confidently, “I’ll find parking – you know me, parking karma!”

Sure enough, an event may bring in a packed parking lot, but I can roll in, even 10 minutes before an event and will pull up to the closest lanes and will miraculously find a parking spot.  I go in with the attitude that I know exactly what I am doing and there will be parking space just for me.

Is parking really important to me?  Sometimes, when I am running late and need to find a spot real quick, but obviously in the grand scheme of things, parking is a mundane luxury.  But what if we approached everything like the mundane things that we don’t really care about, with the same attitude and positivity, towards the things that we REALLY DO CARE about?

There is no cost with not finding a parking space, other than you have to walk further to your destination – but then again, you could say that walking further is a welcomed form of exercise.  But when it comes to things that we really want, it does cost us to some extent, when we don’t receive it:  disappointments, discouragement, embarrassment, pride – but that’s our ego talking.  So, it’s harder for us to approach situations that we really care about with the confidence that we would to the likes of a parking space, we risk something of ourselves, that we might not get back.  But if we approached life like a parking space, “If I don’t find a space here, there will be bound to be one somewhere else,” letting go of the ego and not taking everything so personally?  Life would be much easier, more peaceful, don’t you think?

Trust, I have a lot of ego and I am working on not taking everything so personally.  So, I realize it’s much easier said than done.  But I’ve decided that when it comes to relationships with men, or vice versa, they are just like parking spaces, if I don’t find a good one or one that isn’t available, there will always be another one that opens up and is ready to take me in.  I’ve decided to change my relationship karma…I’ve had many good ones and unfortunately they didn’t work out.  That just means the best is yet to come.

Now each time I go into a place where there is an opportunity to meet someone new, I will no longer worry about whether or not I will find “the one,” I will just go in and say, “I’ll meet someone new tonight, you know me, awesome relationship karma!”

Why the freak not?


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