Writers block…Life blocks

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I started writing this blog from an invitation that my friend sent me last week and while I am still finding my way and my voice, my blogging stopped.  I didn’t stumble across writer’s block – I often have too much to say, actually, hahaha! – but stumbled upon life blocks.  Life blocks that momentarily takes you from your focus of what you’re trying to accomplish.  Some would also call these “blocks” as something we are all too familiar with “excuses” of why we can’t do what we set out to do.

When I started blogging, I was on a roll – writing about personal experiences that I take to heart, that I reflect upon & share with the hope that others can possibly relate to and be inspired, for three days straight – doesn’t sound like such an accomplishment.  But if you’re like me, someone that can get easily distracted by emotional drama – my own or others – I find it hard to shake it off and get back on track.  I get focused, instead, on trying to fix the situation or finding ways to help others, do for others, to analyze the situation beyond belief, worrying about what I can’t control (a typhoon in the Philippines that could cost the life of many family members, for example?) because I am a fixer.

Fortunately, I am also the type of person that allows myself a day or two to be unproductive, depending on the situation, because we should also allow ourselves a break from productivity in order to reactivate the creativity.  Life blocks will happen.  They can come out of nowhere, they are unexpected.  Sometimes they are nice surprises, other times, you wish you didn’t pick up the phone. But they don’t control how you progress in life.  You do.  You have the choice to take whatever news or drama that comes to you and respond in a way that is either beneficial to you or detrimental.  Will your choice move you forward, or will you be taking a step back with the choice you make.  Easier said than done, I know, especially when it comes to personal relationships like a break up or a death.  Take the day or two to mourn your loss, or the loss of what you thought was meant to be, because it does hurt and it’s painful.  But remember you are still amongst the living, amongst those who are excited about what you can contribute, amongst those who are waiting to give you, your meant to be.  You have the power to decide.  Will your choice bring you to your end goal or will it keep you from achieving your dreams.

Don’t let a life block keep you from your bliss.  Take that life block as an opportunity to learn and progress forward to your destined future.


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