Momma needs a new pair of shoes…

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I am sure that I am not the first to write about their love for shoes…but when my friend invited me to participate in the #NaBloPoMo, I first had to ask what #NaBloPoMo meant and then when I learned it was about blogging…I thought, “Well, I have always wanted to blog about something…so here’s my chance…bucket list fulfilled.”

I didn’t really have a plan or know where to begin as I started figuring out “how to blog” so excuse me if my first attempt in writing a blog doesn’t look like the best blog or that the site doesn’t look very pretty – you can probably tell that I put it together last minute (how to change the color and fonts – I am still trying to figure out)…it’s a work in progress.  And as I continue to write, that’s what my blog is going to be primarily about, our individual selves as a work in progress…finding your bliss…discovering what matters most to you.

Now shoes, I have always loved – it’s not what matters most, but I do take pride in my shoe collection.  I do find joy in finding the most unique, beautiful, showcase piece type, pair of shoes that other woman would gasp at and say, “I love your shoes!”

And perhaps in finding the perfect shoe, the search is in parallel of discovering the perfect self, or the best self that we could possibly be.  I never thought about it it that way – but it sounds good right?  Why do women love shoes so much?  What is the obsession of shoes?  And even when you have old pairs of shoes that were once your favorite, but are so worn out because you wore those shoes all the time – why is it so hard to let go?

I could dig deep and say that beautiful shoes give us power to be who we want to be.  They give us the extra encouragement to go into a high power meeting wearing black patent leather heeled mary janes to seal the deal in a room full of executives – like David and Goliath.  Or when you go on a night on the town with the girls, wearing the turquoise suede stilettos with gold studs on the upper heel of the shoe, adding a little pep to your strut that says, “Look at me, I’m hot and I know it!”

Friends and colleagues always ask, “How can you even walk in those?”

I always joke, “I was born to run in these heels…fashionable, yet functional,”

Well not always. Especially if you’re walking around and dancing up a storm in a Vegas nightclub…I end up in bare feet by the end of the night, because quite frankly, show is over.  I no longer need to look the part.  Whom ever I wanted to talk to, I already did and I am ready to go home.  My fashion pieces, my strength that allows me to stand a few inches taller (which adds to making me feel powerful, going from a 5’3″ to about 5’6″) served its purpose.

If you really think about it…weren’t we all enchanted by shoes when Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, had a goal of getting the red ruby slippers from the wicked witch?  What did Glinda say to Dorothy when the wicked witch died?

“You don’t need to be helped any longer.  You’ve always had the power.”

Finding your bliss is finding the power in you.  Shoes is just one symbol of that power.  Now go find your ruby slippers my pretty!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lilian Druve says:

    Nice couple of shoes…!

    1. mgaala says:

      Thanks – they are one of my favorite! Purchased form the Philippines!

  2. Unlucky me that I can’t wear high heels and whenever I do, I will end up having heel pain. By the way, your heels are stunning. I wish I could wear such heels without the pain.

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